How to Lose Weight? (Reduce Weight)

One of the biggest health questions people face in the present world is – how to lose weight? According to the studies, about more than 1/3 population of grown ups in US are overweight. On top of that, around 300,000 (approx) death are related to overweight and the numbers are rising. So, the question that arises here is – how to know whether you are overweight or not? And, the answer can be easily given by your BMI (Body Mass Index). BMI means measurement of body fat on the basis of height and weight. A BMI of 25-29.9 is considered to be overweight and more than 29.9 is considered to be obese. Overweight refers to more body weight than the required for an age to be normal or healthy. Whereas obese refers to excessive fat stored in the body. So, in this article we are going to focus on how to lose weight so that you don’t become the next victim of this deadly condition.

Symptoms of Increasing Weight:

  • Cloths seems to be getting tight, which previously fitted well.
  • Getting extra fat around waist, cheeks and thighs.
  • High BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Getting tired easily
  • Sweating
  • Snoring
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure and cholesterol.

Causes of Increased Weight:

1.) Genetics

Genes play an important role in many health conditions. If one of your parents suffers from overweight or obesity, it increases the chances of you also being suffering from the same problem too. A person having a family history of obesity increases the chances from 2-8 percent as compared to the person with no family history as such.

2.) Family lifestyle

It also depends a lot on what you eat and how is your family lifestyle in regard to food. If your family eats high calorie food and is less active and you also follow the same habits, it may also lead you to become overweight.

3.) Inactive daily life

People who are not used to physical activities and spend most of their time in watching TV, computer works, cellphones. Such persons are likely to get overweight easily. This is one of the most common causes of overweight.

4.) Surroundings or Environment

Surroundings or environment are also responsible for weight issues. This include:

  • Lack of recreation activities because of unavailability of sidewalks, parks in your area.
  • Lack of affordable gyms, area parks for physical activities.
  • Long working hours , fast food habits, unhealthy food , overeating at restaurants, high-fat snacks, drinks joint in the surrounding area.

5.) Sleeping Disorders

Lack of sleep is also responsible for overweight. The amount of sleep lost increases the chances of getting obese. This is because people with less sleep tends to consume high calorie foods and carbs which tends to result in overweight. Lack of sleep also increases the chances of getting diabetes.

How to Lose Weight

Methods to Lose Weight:

1.) Gym to Lose Weight

Make yourself active by hitting the gym regularly. Regular exercising will improve your metabolism and let you burn fat quicker. It will not only make you lose weight but also tone your physique overall to make you look fit, active and attractive. Do not start with heavy  exercises. Let your body get used to weights firstly then increase it accordingly.

2.) Walking or Jogging to Lose Weight Fast

If you are not able to afford or can’t give enough time to gym, you can alternatively take up jogging. You just need to have a fine pair of jogging shoes. Just go to the nearby park in your locality. Early morning jogging is the best  as you get fresh air in the morning, makes you feel fresh, uplift your mood, strengthens your lungs, heart. You can follow the below mention routine for your jogging to lose weight

  • Start by walking for half an hour for first 1 or 2 weeks
  • Afterwards, jog for 1 minute and walk for 4 minutes. Do it 6 times to complete 30 minutes each day for a month or as you feel comfortable
  • Now increase the jogging time to 2 minutes and reducing the walking time to 3 minutes.
  • Likewise, after every month increase jogging time and reduce walking time.

3.) Track Your Eating Habits to Lose Weight

Keep a check on what you eat and what amount you eat. Make a note of it and see what you should eat and what you should avoid. According to a study keeping a track helps to make you eat less by 10-15 %. Make changes accordingly to reduce weight quick and effectively. With regular physical exercise and balanced diet, you will find it easier to lose weight.

4.) Change Lifestyle To Lose Weight

Your lifestyle is one of the main causes of your increasing weight. A few Changes In your lifestyle Can do wonders for you to lose weight. Make the following Changes in your daily routine and feel the difference.

  • Avoid over eating completely.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Eat less at night.
  • Avoid eating outside prefers home made food.
  • Take a right amount of sleep at the right time.
  • Include fruit, salads in your diet.
  • Avoid oily food.
  • Avoid caffeine after evening.
  • Take stairs instead of lifts and escalators.

5.) Oatmeal in the Morning to Lose Weight

Having oats in the morning for your breakfast helps to prevent your craving for about 6 hours. According to a study, oats contain some special healthy fats which promotes production of a hormone known as leptin. Leptin inhibits hunger for long. It is said that people who eat oatmeal for their breakfast consumes about 30% less calories in their lunch time as compared to people who skip their breakfast.

6.) Fruit Instead of Fruit Juice to Lose Weight Naturally

Instead of going for just juice, go for a whole fruit. For example, if you want to have an apple juice, go for an apple instead of juice. This is because eating apple will prevent your craving for eating more as whole fruit contain fibers which will keep your tummy filled for long with fewer calories as compared to juice which will not be able to control your craving for long. So, substitute fruit juice with fruit.

7.) Take Most of Your Calories Before Noon to Lose Weight

It’s a proven fact that if you eat more in the morning, you are more likely to eat less in the evening. Eating up most calories in the early part of the day only will help burn them off quite easily. Eating less in the evening will have less calories to burn which will help significantly in order to lose weight. It will also help you sleep better.

8.) Food Rich in Water to Reduce Weight Naturally

Eating water rich food during your meals helps to make you consume less calories overall. Foods which you can include along with your meal are Cucumber, watermelon, Tomatoes, celery, lettuce, etc. You can also include soups and salads as they can keep you full for longer with less calories. Water alone cannot keep you full as our body process thirst and hunger differently. So taking juices, tea, coffee would not be beneficial.

9.) Yoga Exercise to Lose Weight

Yoga exercise is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. But you have to keep track of your complete lifestyle in order to see significant results with yoga. There are various yogic exercises you can go for. We have discussed two below, which are easy and much effective too

  • VeerabhadrasanaVeerabhadrasana or the warrior pose is very effective to lose weight. It helps to strengthen muscles of your legs, arms, back. It Increases your stamina and balances your body. To do this asana (exercise),  Stand straight, raise your hands up straight and let the hands clasp together. Bring out your right leg in front and bend it 90 degrees. Keep your left leg stretched and bend your torso in an arc a bit. Take deep breaths for a few seconds. Repeat this with left leg again.
  • Yoga Warrior Pose-2Yoga warrior 2 is another most effective exercise to reduce weight fast. It tones and strengthen  your stomach and thigh areas. It works on the abdominal muscles and improves endurance. To do this, Stand straight and keep your legs apart. Now bring out your right side foot to the right side and keep it straight. And keep your left leg bent to 90 degrees. Take deep breaths and repeat this on the other side. This will helps to reduce fat from your body.

10.) Needs Patience to Lose Weight

Along with all above mentioned methods you need to have a lot of patience. You need to be positive throughout the phase of loosing weight. Never let negativity come to your mind. You should be focused not only physically but also mentally. Be strong headed, never lose hope. It’s a battle between you and your weight. Don’t leave the ground without winning.

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