How to Stop a Nosebleed?

This article will help you to know the ways to stop a nosebleed. Nosebleed is not counted among any of diseases. And it is also not a serious health issue to panic for. Nosebleed is common among adults and children both. There is no trace of any kind ill-health that leads to nosebleed. You can encounter a nosebleed at any point of time and anywhere. It’s a sudden reaction to your nose that initiates a nosebleed from your nasal point. Nose bleeding is among in the adults due to some type of minor health issues related to sinus any other issue. While children are prone to nose bleed when they accidentally got hurt while playing around. The main cause of your nosebleed is due to dryness in the nasal membrane. The inner lining of your nose is known as mucosa. This inner lining is when exposed to dryness, it results in a nosebleed from your blood vessels. This is one of the fact that needs to keep in mind that dry weather is very much responsible for a nosebleed. Here are some of the easy and simple remedies to treat or stop your nosebleed while at home or at work.

stop nosebleed

Causes of Nose Bleed:

  • Too much exposure to excessive heat.
  • Some kind of nasal injury.
  • Some kind of dust particles stuck in your nasal passage.
  • Excessive times of sneezing.
  • High level of blood pressure.
  • Suffering from cold.
  • Sudden change in weather from normal to dry.
  • Too much use of nasal sprays.
  • Sudden exposure to ammonia
  • During pregnancy occurrence of hormonal change in the body.
  • Self-induced nose picking.

Symptoms of Nosebleed:

  • Sudden flow of droplets of blood from your nasal passage.
  • Blocked nose for a longer time than usual.
  • Feeling of fluid presence at the back of your nose or throat.
  • While cleaning or wiping of nose, encounter of reddish color particles.
  • Having difficulty in breathing.

Ways to Stop a Nosebleed:

1.) Try to Pinch and Press to Stop a Nosebleed

The pinch and press method is one of the easiest and immediate remedy for a nosebleed. This remedy is in use since ages. To try this remedy you will need to pinch the soft area of your nose. You will need to use your thumb and index finger to pinch on the bony area of the nose. While using your fingers try to apply pressure to the bleeding point of your nasal passage that will work to stop the flow of blood. But remember the fact that you will need to sit with your back straight. While in your sitting position try to tilt your head downwards in order to stop the flow of blood to your throat.  Also, try to blow your nose gently in order to clear the clogged clots of blood present in your nasal passage.

2.) Use Cold Compress to Stop a Nosebleed

If you suddenly got caught in a nosebleed, in work place or in market, try to use the cold compress. The cold compress remedy will be available outside your home also. You can use two different ways of a cold compress. One in form of icy cold water and the other I ice cubes. This is because the essence of cold will help to decrease the flow of blood and in a few minutes the blood slow will stop. The ice-cube also works to decrease the inflammation of your nose (if injured). But try to remember that never use the ice-cube directly on your nose. Instead always try to use a soft towel that has iced wrapped inside it. Then apply it to your gradually with gentle touch.

3.) Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Stop a Nosebleed

How to stop a nosebleed

Apple cider vinegar is an acidic substance that will help to stop your nosebleed. The essence of apple cider vinegar is used in various skin care and hair care products. Thereby you can use apple cider vinegar to prevent your nose from excess bleeding. If you are experiencing nosebleed from both the nostrils, then take two cotton balls. Dip that cotton balls in apple cider vinegar. Now place both the soaked cotton balls in each of your nostrils. After five to seven minutes, remove the cotton balls. And you will realize that your nose has stopped bleeding. The way of using apple cider vinegar is to drink it. Just add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it two to three times the day you suffered nosebleed.

4.) Use Cayenne Pepper to Stop a Nosebleed

Spices always work to help you in preventing from some type of emergency situations. The cayenne pepper can help you from nosebleed problem. Cayenne spice works more than just adding flavor and spices to your recipes. You can quickly make a cayenne pepper drink by adding one teaspoon of pepper in a glass of warm water during the season. Try to drink it in one go. It will instantly work to stop the flow of blood from your nose. As. Cayenne peppers works well in adjusting the flow of blood in the vessels which results in a fast coagulation. It also works to reduce your weight and maintains blood pressure level.

5.) Use Salt Water to Stop a Nosebleed

The solution of salt water will help you from a nosebleed. When you are home and you suddenly suffer from a bloody nose, just drink the salt water solution. Salt water also works when you had an infection from an allergy, dust, pollen or gunk.  Thereby, salt water will help to moisturize and soothe the nasal passage’s inner linings.  Along with it will decrease your irritation that is caused due to the bleeding of your nose. Therefore, whenever you suffer from nosebleed add one teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. Drink it instantly in one go. If you are suffering from nosebleed more than once in a day, try to drink the salt water two to three times. It will stop your nosebleed.

6.) Use Nettle to Stop a Nosebleed

Nettle is an herb that is popular for its medicinal purpose to heal blood clots and wounds. Thereby, you can easily store nettle leaves at your home or plant a small sapling at your home. It will help you in various purposes to use as medication. Nettle has the astringent substance in it that works to prevent any type of bleeds. The next time when you suffer from a nosebleed, extract the juice from the nettle leaves. Pour that juice in each of your nostrils. It will stop the flow of blood immediately. Else you can even opt for direct consumption of nettle leaves (One to two cups daily if often suffer from nosebleed during the dry weather.

7.) Take Steam to Stop a Nosebleed

Steam is also an old trick that has been in use since ancient times. Steam gives relief to your headache, cold, nosebleed, etc. If anyone suffers from a chronic nosebleed then, he/she should take steam regularly during the dry weather. It will help to keep your nasal passage moist and clear. In winters try to make a habit to drink ginger tea in the morning. That will keep your throat warm and if possible try to take steam of your hot ginger tea. That is very effective for your health. Besides try to take steam from a steamer every night before going to bed.

8.) Use Holy Basil to Stop a Nosebleed

Holy basil is one of the excellent herbs that work best in medicinal purposes. Holy basil in used in Asia to treat cold and sore throat. It has the properties to sooth your esophagus, thus relieving you from sore throat. In the same way the holy basil leaves will help to stop your nosebleed. You can consume it in two ways. One is you can directly chew it to sooth your throat. While you can extract the juice from the basil leaves and pour it in each of the nostrils. Within few minutes the flow of blood will stop.

9.) Use Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline to Stop a Nosebleed

Petroleum jelly or Vaseline is very soothing substance that is helpful when your nose bleeds. And it very easily available at your home as everyone has at least one Vaseline cream or lotion I their cupboard. When you know that you suffer from a nosebleed in dry weather then always apply Vaseline in the nostrils to keep it moisturized. Vaseline works its best to keep your skin soft and hydrated when its dry season, thereby it will help you to prevent from nosebleed.

10.) Use Lemon Juice to Stop a Nosebleed

Lemon Juice is an acidic substance. Lemon juice is very effective for hair and skin. So, you can opt for lemon juice to heal your bloody nose. When you realize a nose bleed, immediately squeeze some lemon juice and pour it in each of your nostrils. It will instantly stop the flow of blood because of its high acidic content in it.

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