What to Do For a Sore Throat?

After writing, how to get rid of a cough?, we are now writing that what to do for a sore throat? A sore throat is a painful throat condition. It is caused due to an inflammation of the pharynx. Pharynx is a tube which extends from the esophagus to the back of the mouth. This condition is often accompanied by stomach ache, headache, common cold and swollen glands in the neck.

Some of the major causes of this sore throat condition are:

Although sore throats is quite common, but it can be very painful and uncomfortable. Instead of consulting a doctor, you can try some easy, homemade remedies which will help ease the pain and, depending on the cause, might even cure the problem effectively.

What to do for a Sore Throat

Home Remedies for Sore Throat Treatment

1.) Marshmallow Root to Treat Sore Throat at Home

Marshmallow is an effective ingredient in treating throat problem. It has been in use successfully for many centuries in Europe and North America. Marshmallow has mucilage, which helps soothe mucus membranes in the throat.


  • Take 1 tbsp of dried marshmallow root and keep it in a mug and pour boiling water over it.
  • Cover and steep it for about an hour before straining.
  • Drink it regularly until condition improves.
  • If you have diabetes, consult your doctor before using Marshmallow Root, as it can lower your blood sugar.

2.) Licorice Root Tea for Sore Throat Treatment

Licorice root tea is an effective remedy for sore throat. Licorice helps get some relief from sore throat naturally. Licorice is known to have anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Such qualities help treat swelling and irritation, and also soothes the mucus membranes in the throat.


  • Take one cup chopped dry licorice root, half cup of cinnamon chips, two tablespoons whole cloves and half cup of chamomile flowers. Mix them all in a bowl.
  • Keep this mixture in a jar away from heat and light as you can use some later.
  • Now, prepare the tea by adding 3 tbsp of the stored mixture in about 3 cups of cold water.
  • Boil the content in a pan for several minutes.
  • Simmer it for about 10 minutes.
  • Finally, pour into a mug through a strainer.
  • Sip and enjoy this herbal tea.

3.) Gargle With Warm Salt Water to Cure Sore Throat

When the cells present in the mucous membranes become swollen and inflamed, sore throat problem is caused. Gargling with salt water helps reduce the swelling, as salts main function is to draw out water, which shrinks the swollen cell and lowers the pain. Gargling also helps get rid of excess mucous and lets your stuffy nose to drain properly.


  • Heat 1 cup of water till it gets warm enough.
  • Take ½ tsp of salt and mix in it.
  • Gargle with this salty water.
  • Keep gargling frequently throughout the day to get rid of sore throat fast.

4.) Baking Soda to Prevent Sore Throat Naturally and Fast

Baking soda is one of the effective home remedy for sore throats. Baking soda contains antibacterial properties, which helps eliminate bacteria responsible for the soreness in the throat. It also has a mild Alkaline PH, which helps soothe tiny skin irritations like rashes and bug bites. It will act in the same way on the swollen tissues in the throat.


  • Take a cup of water and heat the water until it gets warm enough to drink.
  • Add ½ tsp of salt and ½ tsp of baking soda in the warm water. Stir it well.
  • Sip some of the mixture and gargle.
  • Repeat this 2 times in a row 3 times daily.

5.) Slippery Elm to Get Rid of Sore Throat Naturally

Slippery elm is known to have mucilage. Mucilage is a gel-like substance which coats the throat, reduces soreness and decreases irritation. Slippery elm is very useful for the treatment of any type of respiratory illness.


  • Take 1 tsp of the inner bark of slippery elm and add it in 2 cups of boiling water.
  • Allow it to steep for several minutes before straining it.
  • Sip it slowly while it is still warm.

6.) A Hot Toddy for Sore Throat Treatment

A hot toddy helps effectively to treat a sore throat –especially it is accompanied by a cold. The lemon and honey helps soothe the throat, while the alcohol helps you rest. You can exclude alcohol if you want.


  • Pour 2 ounce of the alcohol into a large mug.
  • Take 1 tbsp of honey and add it in the mug.
  • Add hot water into the mug, ensure it gets the honey completely off the spoon.
  • Now, mix some lemon juice to it.
  • Keep the mug in the microwave and make it comfortable hot.
  • Add some lemon slice, and sip it slowly to get rid of sore throat fast.

7.) Garlic for Sore Throat Treatment

Garlic is one of the excellent natural remedies which can be highly effective in getting rid of irritating sore throat. It is because garlic contains a compound called allicin. Allicin helps eliminate the bacteria causing strep and fight the germs responsible for pain and irritation.


  • Keep a piece of garlic in both cheeks.
  • Suck these clove of garlic like a cough drop.
  • Also chew these clove in between to release the allicin.
  • Repeat this once daily to prevent sore throat.

8.) Rest & Consume Fluids to Avoid Sore Throat

Apart from natural remedies, resting and consuming sufficient fluids is also necessary. Taking proper rest and fluids with other natural remedies, will help boost the effectiveness of remedy. So, remember to give your body ample rest, and drink as much fluid as you can.


  • Grab a book or watch your favorite movie.
  • Take plenty of rest and plenty of fluids such as Water, orange juice, herbal tea and other appropriate liquid.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol and caffeine.

9.) Chamomile Tea to Treat Sore Throat Naturally at Home

Chamomile is also an excellent natural remedy for treating sore throats. Components present in chamomile help kill bacteria. It also acts as a natural painkiller. It even has anti-spasmodic properties which can help you rest and sleep better. It is one of the most soothing herbs.


  • Take 1 tea bag of chamomile tea and add it into a mug of boiled water.
  • Cover and allow it to steep for about 10 minutes.
  • You can also add a little honey and lemon.
  • Drink it regularly twice until condition improves.

10.) Honey to Get Rid of Sore Throat Naturally

Honey is known to have fine antibacterial properties. It can help fight the infection significantly and also helps boost the healing process. Honey also acts like a hypertonic osmotic by drawing water out of inflamed tissue and in turn reducing swelling. It is widely used to get rid of cough and can be really effective for sore throat as well.


  • Take 1 or 2 tbsp of honey and add it to 1 cup of hot water.
  • Drink it a few times daily.
  • You can add honey in any herbal tea as well.
  • Alternatively, eat 1 tsp of honey before going to sleep. It will help get relief faster and also let sleep better at night.
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