Home Remedies for Bipolar Disorder Treatment

In this article, we are discussing home remedies for bipolar disorder treatment. Bipolar is a manic depression. It is a type of mental illness. In which a person experiences frequent mood swings. Extreme high and Extreme low moods are being experienced by a person in just a short span of time. This disorder can affect the thinking power, energy and behavior of a person. Both men and women are affected by this disorder. The cycles of bipolar disorder depends on various people, it may last for days, weeks or months. It is important to treat this disorder if left untreated, the repercussions can be dangerous like suicidal tendencies. Treatment for Bipolar helps reduce the number and severity of episodes of mania and depression. You can also read this related article How to deal with stress? on our website.

Causes of Bipolar Diseases:

There are different causes of this disorder. Genetically some people are predisposed to this order. Sometimes physical changes in the brain can lead to this disorder. Abnormal thyroid function, imbalance of neurotransmitters and increased levels of cortisone hormones are some of the reasons of bipolar disorder. As above, we have talked about the mood swings, environmental and psychological or due to environmental and psychological factors.

These factors can worsen the symptoms. Some of the prompts which can cause depressions and different new episodes of mania are:

  • Stress: any stressful situation can lead to bipolar disease. Any event or situations are as bad or good can activate this disorder. Loosing someone, getting  fired from a job, getting married or any situation can cause this disorder.
  • Medication: nowadays, each and everybody is taking medicines due to some or the other reasons such as antidepressant drugs, corticosteroids, cold medicine, thyroid medication and caffeine can also trigger bipolar diseases.
  • Substance abuse: use of drugs like amphetamines and cocaine can trigger mania and use of tranquilizers and alcohol triggers depression.
  • Seasonal changes: this disorder also triggers due to changes in the season like in summer you will often feel manic episodes and in winter and spring you will experience depression.
  • Sleep deprivation: it is one of the main causes of bipolar disease. Loosing a few hours of your sleep can really activate this disorder.

home remedies for bipolar disorder

Symptoms of bipolar disorder:

Expression of the disease varies from person to person. Symptoms also vary on the basis of severity and frequency. There are different moods and episodes found in people. Mainly divided into four categories: mania, depression, mixed episodes and hypomania. Each mood episodes have unique symptoms.

Symptoms Of  Mania:

  • Extremely irritable or Feeling highly optimistic.
  • Unrealistic belief in one’s ability or powers.
  • Talking very rapidly.
  • Impaired judgment and Impulsiveness.
  • Jumping of thoughts.
  • Delusions and hallucinations.

Symptoms Of  Depression:

  • Irritability
  • Feelings of sadness or hopelessness.
  • Mental and Physical sluggishness
  • Memory problems and Concentration problems.
  • Sleeping  problems.
  • Suicide or Thought of death.

Symptoms of Mixed Episode & Hypo Mania are:

  • Depression along with agitation.
  • Distractibility
  • Anxiety.
  • Racing thoughts.

Home Remedies for Bipolar Disorder Treatment:

1.) Fish Oil to Treat Bipolar Disease

Fish oil is rich in omega 3 acids. It is very beneficial for the treatment of bipolar disorder. Fish oil consists of EPA, which is essential for the nervous tissue health and hormonal production. Fish oil also helps functionality of the brain as well as to overcome depression. You can take the proper dosage (omega 3 supplements). Intake of fish such as salmon, mackerel, albacore tuna, trout and herring which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Take 25 gm at least in a day.

2.) Brahmi to Treat Bipolar Disease

Brahmi has another name known as Bacopa.  This herb is useful to treat bipolar disorder. Brahmi acts as a mild stimulant as well as sedative. It also helps relieve mental stress and enhance memory also. Make tea using Brahmi leaves daily for several weeks. You can also consume Brahmi ghee by frying Brahmi leaves in clarified butter. Go for Brahmi oil head massage.

3.) Ashwagandha to Treat Bipolar Disease

Ashwagandha acts as a nerving tonic. Which helps improve the symptoms of this disorder. It also helps with auditory and verbal working memory, social cognition and reaction time. Take 500 mg of Ashwagandha herb daily for several weeks.

4.) Passion Flower to Treat Bipolar Disease

This herb is very beneficial for the treatment of bipolar disorder. This herb consists of soothing effect to the nervous system. It helps balance neurotransmitters in the brain. Passion flower also got properties like sedative and tranquilizing that helps effects of insomnia and depression phases. Take this herb 3-4 times a day for several weeks for best results to treat bipolar disease.

5.) Magnesium to Treat Bipolar Disease

Magnesium is useful for insomnia and anxiety. It works just similar to lithium, but with fewer risks involved. It also helps promote good sleep and reduces the symptoms of mania. You can take magnesium supplements or you can consume foods rich in magnesium such as Swiss chard, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, black beans, cashews, soybeans etc. in your diet.

6.) Valerian Root to Treat Bipolar Disease

Valerian root is another herb that treats bipolar disease. Valerian root has strong properties like sedative that help improve insomnia and sleeping disorders. It is good for people who suffers frequent headaches. It also helps treat mental problems very well. Valerian herb is easily available in the market in the form of capsule or herbal tea. Consume this herb 2-3 times a day for several weeks as it helps reduce restlessness, stress, anxiety as well as the mood swings.

7.) Do Yoga to Treat Bipolar Disease

Yoga is very important for everyone. It keeps you fit and healthy both mentally and physically. It also helps immune system run better. Yoga involves balancing and stretching that includes controlled breathing and meditation. The combination of both helps feel refreshed and calm both mentally and physically.

8.)  Licorice to Treat Bipolar Disease

Licorice acts as antidepressant. It also works as natural herb that helps increase the active hormones present in the brain. It is very useful and beneficial treatment to treat bipolar disorder. Make tea using licorice herb. Drink this tea 2-3 times a day. This will help you treat depression caused due to bipolar disorder.

9.) Gotu Kala to Treat Bipolar Disease

Gotu kola has been found very effective in treating anxiety and depression in a lot of people. It is a natural herb very effective for the treatment of bipolar disorder. Taking gotu kala regularly will improve symptoms like depression and anxiety caused due to bipolar disease.

10.) Flaxseed Oil to Treat Bipolar Disease

Flaxseed oil is a good source of alpha-linolenic acid and omega 3 fatty acids that will help in eliminating the symptoms of bipolar disorder. The Study shows that flaxseed oil is helpful in treating depression due to bipolar disorder. Flaxseed oil has been found to be very effective in promoting the effects of traditional treatments for bipolar disorder. It works well, when used along with other medications and will help you treat bipolar disorder problems. So you can chew handful of flaxseeds in a day to get rid of this condition fast.

11.) Ginseng to Treat Bipolar Disease

This is another important natural herb that will help well in functioning of the brain is the Ginseng. It is an excellent herb that will help boost the concentration power, attention span as well as the memory level of bipolar disorder patients. It is also found to be helpful in treating people suffering from tiredness and fatigue due to bipolar disorder. Consult your doctor for right dose.

12.) Exercise to Treat Bipolar Disease

Exercise is a very essential natural remedy, but it is particularly important for those suffering from bipolar disorder, because it helps to discharge good chemicals known as endorphins in the brain. It also helps to promote sleep and general health.

Some Additional  Tips: 

  • Do not skip medicines.
  • Make a routine for eating and sleeping at the same time.
  • Get  enough sleep.
  • Never skip your meals.
  • Exercise regularly  or meditate for some time.
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol and caffeine.

Although, all the above mentioned tips and remedies are natural and herbal remedies which will help treat bipolar disorder. All the remedies are safe and consumable but it is also important for you to consult your doctor first before trying any of these remedies. Because these remedies might interfere your medications which may not suit you for some reasons. It is very important to seek advice from your doctor to go for further treatment.

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