Home Remedies for Cricopharyngeal Spasm Treatment

This article will provide you the home remedies for Cricopharyngeal Spasm treatment. More than 18% of US population is affected by the anxiety disorders. Cricopharyngeal  spasm  is also one of them. However, the good news is that these disorders can be treated. Fluctuation in weight, anxiety, fatigue, headaches, lump in throat and heart palpitations are a few symptoms of cricopharyngeal spasm. These symptoms not only harm the person physically but mentally as well. Many times it is misunderstood as cancer or tumor because of similar symptoms. But it is not severe as tumors and cancer. If you too witness similar symptoms than seek a therapist help or follow the given below remedies for cricopharyngeal spasm. But before that have a look at what cricopharyngeal spasm actually is?

What is Cricopharyngeal Spasm?

The cricopharyngeal spasm occurs  in the cricopharyngeus muscle of the pharynx. This condition is often misunderstood as a throat cancer. This is because during a cricopharyngeal spasm, the person since a foreign element in the throat. However, throat cancer is often identified at a superior stage, when swallowing food becomes hard. Even though it is quite a frightening experience, the cricopharyngeal spasm is harmless. Moreover, it is a self-limiting disease. You can also read these related articles, How to Treat a Sore Throat? and How to Get Rid of Anxiety? on our website.

Symptoms of Cricopharyngeal Spasm:

  • Lump in the throat’ (sensation).
  • Constriction or Choking sensation.
  • Swollen throat.
  • Pain in the throat.
  • Anxiety, stress, and Emotions.
  • Difficulty in swallowing.

Causes of Cricopharyngeal Spasm:

  • Triggering of Foods.
  • High levels of anxiety.
  • Excessive amounts of stress.
  • Positive and negative emotions.
  • Severe headache.
  • Weight gain and weight loss.

home remedies for Cricopharyngeal Spasm

How Long Does the Cricopharyngeal Spasm Last?

While this condition is often self treating disorders, it is vital that the symptoms of the cricopharyngeal spasm can expand over several months. During this period, it is important to follow the suggested measures of treatment and learn how to control the levels of anxiety and stress. If you learn how to effectively manage stress, then you will decrease the duration of the cricopharyngeal spasm and be confined against future occurrences. The breathing and relaxation therapy is essential during such problems.

Home Remedies For Cricopharyngeal Spasm:

1.) Herbal Teas as a Remedies for Cricopharyngeal Spasm

One of the common symptoms of cricopharyngeal spasms are thoughts of tight throat and problem during swallowing. These problems can be treated by drinking fluids. Liquids like natural juices, water, and warm teas. This will help you to get rid of an aching throat. However, herbal teas are more useful because it is a combination of the active ingredients of soothing plant and  lukewarm water that provides comfort to the throat. In a glass of boiling water add linden trees, chamomile, lemon balm and ginseng. Steep it for a while and cool it at room temperature, so that you can drink it without any problem. However, make sure it is warm enough to be effective. This might keep you up and the cricopharyngeal muscle spasm will only strengthen.

Note: Never drink tea that is excessively hot or too cold, since it could harm your esophagus.

2.) Rhodiola as a Remedies for Cricopharyngeal Spasm

It is known as a depression herb. Rhodiola has been used as an influential anti-depressant and anti-aging natural treatment in Russia. Rhodiola Rosea is produced on mountains and sea cliffs and is believed to enhance physical performance as well as mental wellness. Known as a tough ally against stress and anxiety. Rhodiola can have a helpful impact both on the mind and on the body. It is a natural remedy for depression. It develop serotonin levels and help improve your mood. Taking all these benefits into account, it’s easy to see how Rhodiola can assist with cricopharyngeal spasm. By relieving the stress and anxiety levels, the plant is bound to make patients feel less anxious and decrease the uneasiness of the throats.

 3.) B Vitamins as a Remedies for Cricopharyngeal Spasm

Vitamin B complex is an essential nutrient for our bodies, since it aids in energy creation and it boosts red blood cells routine. Besides these, B vitamins are also known for sustaining general wellness and health eliminating mood swings. By regulating brain chemistry and producing serotonin, this vital vitamin complex to deal with anxiety, fatigue and depression. Some patients identify cricopharyngeal spasm aid once they started consuming vitamin B supplements. However, the results are not visible overnight. Patients should accept the fact that the body needs some time to incorporate the nutrients and process them before our bodies start collecting the benefits.

4.) Heat as a Remedies for Cricopharyngeal Spasm

An easy DIY at-home treatment, heat appliances have been reported to alleviate discomfort and help with swallowing complexities. Patients can use traditional or electric heat pads to place on the aching affected area. Muscles are bound to calm down, serving with the irritating symptoms. Just like drinking warm fluids, applying heated pads on the throat does not only aids physically but also therapeutically. Heat pads work wonders, because they boost blood flow by opening up blood vessels. Applying heat to any area diminishes muscle spasm and helps ligaments to calm down. Heat pads can simply be made at home using rice in a sock or wet towels in a zip lock bag. These tricks will give cricopharyngeal spasm patients a break from the painful symptoms and constant distress.

5.) Muscle relaxation to Avoid Cricopharyngeal Spasm

The general drugs used in these conditions are Lorazepam and Diazepam. These two will also decrease the occurrence and the concentration of the spasms. However, they easily create addiction. You should consult your therapist before taking these drugs. It’s also valuable to keep in mind that while pills like Lorazepam and Diazepam will lessen the symptoms of cricopharyngeal spasm, it won’t treat anxiety or stress. If the medication calms the signs, this indicates that the difficulty is not physical, but rather related to a mental disorder. Breathing treatment can also help patients deal with the uneasiness and the feeling of having a lump in their throats. The technique is not complex, however, patience is important and results are not to be anticipated all of a sudden.

6.) Reducing Stress and Anxiety as a Remedies for Cricopharyngeal Spasm

Since the most frequent causes of the condition are stress, anxiety and negative emotions. It depends on the individual and the severity of the problem. It involves different steps. Keep a diary with you to write down what triggers you the most. Write down that make you extremely nervous, panic attacks and anxiety episodes. The connection between these and cricopharyngeal spasm will be easier to spot. You can do physical activities such as yoga or running, spend time with family, pets or friends. Don’t forget to consult your therapist for best advice.

7.) Fluid Drinking as a Remedies for Cricopharyngeal Spasm

  • Drinking fluids can lessen the force of the symptoms
  • It can also help the you feel better gradually.
  • Make sure you keep the throat tissues hydrated.
  • Drink fluids such as tea, are highly suggested for this condition, as they soothe the throat.
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