Acne Face Map and Its Explanation

After writing, how to remove blackheads?, how to get rid of whiteheads?, how to get rid of back acne?, and how to get rid of cystic acne?, we are now writing about the acne face map and map explanation. Nobody likes those nasty breakouts. You wash face, you scrub, you tone and you moisturize but still, they appear. Acne is stubborn that make you conscious at important moments like an interview or any event. It can also make you lose confidence. You know how to smile and bear it and also most likely know how to cover it up. You may even recognize, what you have to do to recover your skin on the solid track. However, whenever it shows up, you might need to liven your ears a bit. It becomes extremely necessary to get rid of acne. Before you select the ways to treat acne, it is better to learn about acne face map and map explanation. It will help you get rid of acne easily.

What is Acne Face Mapping?

Acne face mapping, which is fast becoming the dominant focal point at most clinics these days, joins Ayurveda and antiquated Chinese medication with front line dermatologists’ solutions to explain, how certain parts of your face are associated with different regions of your body. But essentially, think about your face as a map and acne as X’s on that picture. Spots in diverse zones compare to a distinctive problem. So with the help of this map, you can address the underlying reasons for acne and make the unattractive spot vanish as well as treat the hidden health issue in time.

Acne Face Map and Map Explanation:

1.) Upper Forehead (The T- Zone)

Liver, Digestive System and Bladder: When you experience poor digestion, the body will have problems breaking down food and there may be a large build up of toxins. These toxins give birth to various skin problems including acne. Make sure you drink a lot of water to flush out toxins and watch out to replace your foods with high fats and sugars, as well as eating more fruits and vegetables. Include green tea, lemon water and berries which are rich in antioxidant properties.

acne face map and map explanation

2.) Lower Forehead

Heart: Your heart is a big organ, which pumps up the blood all over the body. Due to stress, poor diet, inactivity and other various mental and physical stress, leads to pimple on your lower forehead. Your entire body will suffer if you don’t fix this problem as soon as possible. To keep your heart healthy. Do exercise everyday to strengthen the heart as well as don’t stress and eat a healthy diet.

3.) Acne On Ears and Below Eyes

Kidneys: Acne is the results, when your kidneys are not taken care of, you will find those large and painful acne which will refuse to leave easily. This problem occurs when you don’t have enough water in the body. Taking too much of caffeine and salt leads to this problem. So drink plenty of water and cut on sugars and salts to help your kidneys with diuretics such as parsley and water.

4.) Eyes, Orbital Area and Between The Eyebrows

Liver: Flakiness, redness, oiliness and acne between the eyebrows indicates that your liver have been overworking and it needs cleansing. Cut all the fatty, sugary, alcohol, smoking and greasy foods and dairy products if you are lactose intolerant. Avoid eating late nights. Your liver has been working and processing extra saturated fats so long, so avoid eating those foods. To cleanse your liver, eat grapefruit, carrots, beetroots, garlic, green tea, leafy vegetables, limes and lemon.

5.) Upper Cheeks

Lungs and Respiratory System: Stress in the lungs is likely to cause acne in the upper cheeks and even breaks your capillaries. These stresses include asthma, smoking, lung infections, allergies, and polluted area. So avoid smoking, especially passive smoking, which is actually worse than actual smoking, those who experience acne must resist from smoking to treat acne on upper cheeks.

6.) Lower Cheeks

Mouth, Gum or Teeth Problems: Pimples in the lower cheek area are the contribution of gum and teeth problems. So try avoiding artificial sugar and soft drinks. Keep your teeth in good condition by  exercising them through biting on them. Don’t skip brushing your teeth. Do floss and brushing each day.

7.) Sides of The Chin

Hormones and Genitals: This problem is a common problem. It is being experienced by a lot of girls. When the side of the chin often goes with acne. It is due to hormonal imbalance and very often caused by menstruation. But sometimes physical and emotional stress can cause hormonal dis-balances. Get plenty of sleep and de-stress yourself to reduce acne. Cut down all the bad foods and focus on foods rich in minerals and vitamins. Intake of omega-3 the fatty is also an essential to balance your hormones.

8.) Center of The Chin

Small Intestines and Stomach: This is also due to poor diets and food allergies. Eliminate all the bad food from your list because most of the problems occur due to bad health and bad food habits. Include plenty of fiber (green vegetables and fruits)  in your diet to resolve this problem.

9.) Nose Area

Heart: Nose flare-ups are due to imbalanced blood pressure and decrease in the vitamin B levels. Avoid taking spicy and pungent food, cut down on meat. Replace bad fats and include good fats like omega-3, walnuts, fishes, avocados and flax seeds. Check on your makeup, it should not be expiry which can cause skin clogging.

10.) Chest and Neck

The chest area is affected due to stress. Try eliminating your stress, try to find out what’s bothering you. It is important to be comfortable what you are wearing. It often caused because your body is fighting off infections. Support your body by eating a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and sleep enough.

We hope, the above acne face map will help you find, what it means when you break out on different parts of your face. Once, you are aware of the things that cause acne, you can use more effective remedies to prevent them. If you still face some serious problem, then immediately consult your doctor about it.

When Did Your Breakouts Show Up?

You can easily track, when your breakouts show up. It helps you verify what may be causing them. Here are some tips:

Morning Acnes: If you find pimples in the morning that were not there the previous night, there could be a several things at work. First, you may have skipped face washing before going to bed. Second, you may have consumed something for dinner that didn’t processed or digested well, causing changes in your skin. Eating late or close to bedtime may also promote the formation of pimples. So always eat 2-3 hours before you go to sleep and wash your face and apply a good moisturizer before you find your bed.

Afternoon Acnes: This may be caused due to hormones, if your menstrual period is about to come, or it could be that your moisturizer or makeup to blame for. If you start out with a fresh face and then by afternoon see blackheads and pimples showing up, check the components in your moisturizing and makeup products. So checking all the ingredients, what suits you best will help you prevent afternoon acne fast and naturally. Things like propylene glycol, mineral oil, dimethicone, and others can actually create a blockade on skin that catches bacteria, increasing the probability of a breakout.

Evening Acne: Did you wash your face after coming from work? Before your workout routine? Before cooking? Remember that all day, your skin is exposed to contaminants and pollution in the air. Makeup, as well, can assemble on your skin all day long. Make sure you wash your face well after exercising, cooking, dusting and after your work. This will help you treat acne and pimples overnight. The second you when you walk to your house, wash your face and put on a good moisturizer.

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