How to Prevent Bed Bugs?

After writing, how to get rid of cockroaches?, how to get rid of fruit flies?, how to get rid of ants?, and how to get rid of mosquitoes?, we are now writing the best ways to prevent bed bugs. Bed bugs are small insects like creature that hide in the cracks of the wall and furniture of the house. They feed on blood and thus bite you when you are on your bed, sofa or chair. Bed bug bites are highly irritating and sometimes painful as well. Their bite is itchy, skin becomes swollen and it hurts. Here in this article, we present you some of the easy remedies that are used to prevent bed bugs. Go through the article to know the remedies to get rid and prevent bed bugs.

Ways to Prevent Bed Bugs Infestation:

Here are the simple remedies that are used to get rid of bed bugs. Just read the ways to prevent bed bugs. Methods to prevent bed bugs are:

1.) Check to Prevent Bed Bugs

Many times it happens that you bring bed bugs home with you. Moreover, this is one of the main reasons of bed bugs infestation. When you come back home from some long trip, it is important to check your bedding properly and make sure that you have not bought any unwanted elements home with you. For the purpose, it is very important to check things you have brought home with you. Follow the steps for the purpose:

  • Check the edges of the bedding when you come back.
  • Check the wooden furniture properly when you come back.
  • Do not keep the baggage on the bed.
  • Open your bags outside the house or in sunlight so that bed bugs, if present in clothes, could run away.
  • Vacuum the luggage and elements that can be washed.

how to prevent bed bugs

2.) Check the Used Products to Prevent Bed Bugs

  • If you are bringing home any used furniture or clothes, then be careful and examine it properly.
  • If you have bought any used furniture home, then just check each and every corner of the furniture. It’s better to keep it in sunlight for some time.
  • If you have got used curtains then just wash it off in soapy water and dry in the sunlight.
  • It is good to avoid used mattress and bed sheets.

3.) Maintain a Hygiene to Prevent Bed Bugs

It is must to maintain a hygiene in order to prevent bed bugs. Do not skip bathing. It is good to take a bathe. If you have a pet, then make sure that your pet also gets a regular bath. Wash your bed sheets on a regular basis.  Also, vacuum your mattress at least once a week. Always remember that these tiny beast enjoy filth. To keep them away from your home, you need to make your home clean and tidy. This is one of the best ways to get rid of bed bugs naturally.

4.) Pest Control to Prevent Bed Bugs

If your house is prone to insects and bugs, then for a regular pest control. It will help prevent bed bugs infestation. It is important to opt for a professional as it is not good for your health also. Ask for an eco-friendly pest control as it can affect your health as well. This is one of the best ways to get rid of bed bugs fast.

5.) Caulk Cracks to Prevent Bed Bugs

If you see the cracks in your house, then just caulk them. Cracks are the way for bed bugs infestation and it’s their home as well. What you have to do fill these cracks completely so that they do not find any way to enter your highs. This is like shutting doors for the bugs.

Other Ways Prevent Bed Bugs After Infestation:

1.) Insecticides to Prevent Bed Bugs

Using insecticides is the fastest way to prevent bed infestation. When your house is already infested with the bed bugs, just go for insecticides. It will not only kill the bed bugs but will also prevent their further infestation. There are number of option available for you in the market when it comes to insecticide. But, it is must consult expert as it may affect you as well.

2.) Sunlight to Prevent Bed Bugs

Sunlight is not liked by bed bugs. They look for quite moist and dark place. To prevent bed bugs infestation, what you have to do is keep your matrices and bed sheets in the sunlight. Bed bugs will either get killed or they will run for moist and dark place. Proper and regular exposure to the sun light is very important as it will cause the bed bugs to vanish and from home and stop their infestation. This is one of the best ways for bed bugs treatment at home.

3.) Bleach to Prevent Bed Bugs

Using Bleach to prevent bed bugs infestation is one of the simplest and easiest home remedies for bed bugs. Using it is easy. What you have to do is sprinkle bleach powder or solution in every corner of your house and bed. Use bleaching powder to sprinkle on the bed. But, bleach is not safe for kids and can cause breathing problems. So, it is good to avoid bleach if you have kids at home or you suffer with any respiratory problem.

4.) Vacuum to Prevent Bed Bugs

Using vacuum is very important in order to prevent bed bugs. When you notice the presence of bed bugs, just vacuum your house. Vacuum every corner of your house and every corner of your bed properly. It will take away the present bugs and will put a mark on their infestation. Vacuum your house properly at least once a week to prevent bed bugs.

5.) Lavender Oil to Prevent Bed Bugs

Lavender oil is the most primitive method used to kill bed bugs naturally at home. What you have to do is put some drops of lavender oil on the cracks and opening of the wall. This method has been used since ever to prevent the infestation of the bed bugs. It prevents their infestation and also kills them. This method is not harmful for you. You can use it without any doubt.

6.) Tea Tree Oil to Prevent Bed Bugs

Same as Lavender oil, tea tree oil has its own benefits. You can make your own insecticides using tea tree oil and go for pest control in a healthy all by yourself. What you have to do is mix one part tea tree oil with some water and pour it in the bottle with spray. Just sprinkle it everywhere around the house and you get rid of bed bugs.

7.) Alcohol to Prevent Bed Bugs

Yes, alcohol. Alcohol is amazing product and everyone knows that, but it can also be used to prevent bed bugs. What you have to do is follow the simple formula in getting rid of bed bugs. And, for the purpose just pour some alcohol on the cracks and on the places where you think that these bugs are most prominent.

8.) Make a Trap to Prevent Bed Bugs

It might sound a little weird, but it is a very effective remedy to prevent bed bugs. Make trap for bed bugs. You have to use double sided tape for the purpose. Stick the tape on the places where you expect them most. Use it in every corner of the house and near the bed. When they stop on it, they get stuck in the trap.

Protecting Your Bed to Prevent Bed Bugs

1.) Change Your Mattress and Box Spring Every 2-3 Years

While it may look like to have a very short time to keep the mattress but this the only way to eliminate the problem from its major source. Once the your bed get in a contact, it really difficult to tell them how many beg bugs are living inside your mattress, really daunting to figure out how many they are and get them out. And you can also have bed bugs in other area around your home, but mostly you will find inside your bedding.

2.) Choose a Protective Covers on Your Mattress and Box Springs

You can keep the bed bugs away from you and infecting your bed too by covering your mattress and box springs protective cover. As the bugs found difficulty in crawling under the elastic of protective cover and cannot penetrate in the fabric. If you have already covered the mattress with protective cover then add one on the box springs will eliminate the hiding place.

You can get mattress in the variety of range at the most of the stores that sells bedding. Such as big box stores, good home stores and internet retailers.

If you do bring home bed bugs, your protective cover will make it easier to see the bugs quickly. First you need to wash of all the clothing and other fabric that you travelled with and then check the covers so that you immediately recognize and address the problem.

3.) Vacuum Carpets and Rug Often

Vacuum your carpet at least once a week. If you are getting sign of bed bugs then vacuum it daily until you are not sure that they are gone completely. Dispose the vacuum content carefully better to seal then remove it immediately. If you have bed bugs in your home and you are failed to dispose the vacuum content then it will allow the bed bugs spread.

4.) Install Indoor Sweep or Door Jams

If you are living near to other home, such as apartment building or townhouse row, you need to seal off the your apartment by blocking the gap between the doors. You can even install the door sweep or you can purchase a door jam that will completely cover the open space. This makes the bed bugs difficult to enter the home. If you prevent the future infestation then you really need to be aware about these things.

Avoid Beg Bugs While Travelling to Prevent Bed Bugs

1.) Choose a Top Grade Hotel

Mostly the three, four, five stars hotels have some policies on they often change the mattresses and pillows. If you stay in nicer, more expensive hotel won’t ensure a bed bugs free environment, but it definitely increase the chances.

2.) Carefully check the bed, Nightstand and Upholstered Furniture for Signs of Bed Bugs

You just need to move the sheets and look into the crevices of the mattress and box springs. Check for the reddish brown bugs, small red spots, yellow skins and egg casings, which look like translucent sacks. You just need to check the seams and crevices of all the furniture.

Don’t forget to neglect the headboard and other wooden furniture near the mattress. Bed bugs can easily hide in the cracks. If you see the bed bugs, contact the front desk and leave that place immediately.

It can also happen that you won’t see the bed bugs carefully. Just because you don’t find them doesn’t mean that they are not there. You may get rashes or raised bump in the next morning then this a for sure sign of bed bugs.

3.) Maintain the Distance between your Bed and Luggage

Even If you don’t find any bed bugs or bed bug’s sign, but still maintain a good distance between your beds to luggage. Avoid keeping your cloth on the bed even for a while. Your luggage is the one of the item that can carry most of the bugs in them from your trip and then you have to go under a difficult process of removing bugs. Keeping your bags away from the bedding helps you to avoid the future infestation. While inspecting the room you can keep your bags in the bathtub so that the bed bugs unable to come in a contact.

4.) Best to Use Luggage Rack

After you inspect the room carefully then move the luggage rack from the wall and put the luggage on it. If you don’t find the luggage rack then use the bathroom and tub are the best for keeping your luggage safe from the bed bugs.

5.) Unpack Your Suitcase Outside

When you are at home then avoid bringing in the hitchhiking bugs by removing the contents of your suitcase outside. You just need to keep the plastic bags for immediate washing and leave the suitcase outside until you clearly inspect it.

6.) Clean Your Travel Cloth Separate from Other Laundry Immediately

Keep your all cloth include that you brought home for washing, not that the cloth you just wore. You just need to wash and dry your clothes on the highest setting that fabric can withstand or take items to the dry cleaners.

Undress on hard surface floor rather than on carpet if you found any bed bugs are on your clothing. You need to wipe off the floor to capture any bed bugs that fall off on the clothes.

7.) Run Cloths and Bags through the Dryer on High Heat

The heat you get from the dryer can kill the bed bugs at any stage of their development. If you wash the clothes alone then it won’t remove the bed bugs. For best result, You just need to wash the item in hot water and then dry them on high heat.

8.) Use Cold to Treat that Can’t be Heated

If you can’t dry an item then you can do another option that is place the material in the plastic bag then freeze it as it will surely kill the bug. But make sure, you place the items that are better suited in your freezer.

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