Home Remedies for Hypothyroidism Treatment

This article is about home remedies for hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism name is given to the thyroid, which is present in front of your neck. It plays a crucial role in terms of our health. It is the most common thyroid problems. Hypothyroidism is a result of inadequate secretion of thyroid hormones. This is especially found in women, and it might produce during pregnancy. Our thyroid glands have two main functions, one is to maintain the concentration of calcium ion and another is to regulate metabolism. There two types of disorders:

Hyperthyroidism: This is an over-active disorder. This includes hyperactivity, insomnia, mood swings, muscle weakness, weight loss and loss of interest in sex.

Hypothyroidism: This is a under-active disorder. That includes weight gain, sensitivity to cold, depression, dry skin and hair, tiredness and muscle aches. Hypothyroidism can be controlled and treated. It’s better to opt for natural process rather than strong medication. Here we have jotted some remedies for you to get rid of hypothyroidism.

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Symptoms of Hypothyroidism:

Causes of Hypothyroidism:

When the thyroid glands fail to produce enough hormones that result in hyperthyroidism. There are a few reasons which cause hypothyroidism, including:

Autoimmune Disease: People who develop inflammatory disorders known as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.  It is a disorder when your immune system starts producing antibodies that attack your own tissues.

Thyroid Surgery: Removal of the thyroid gland or hormone production in a large portion can be the cause of hypothyroidism.

Radiation Therapy: Radiation therapy is used for head and neck cancer. Which can affect your thyroid glands that can be one of the reasons for hypothyroidism.

Medications: There are no. of medications that can lead to hypothyroidism. One of them is lithium, for the treatment of psychiatric disorders.  You can concern your doctor about this.

Congenital Disease: Babies born with no thyroid gland or with defective thyroid gland can suffer with hypothyroidism.

Pituitary Disorder: Failure of the pituitary gland for not producing enough TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone).

Pregnancy: There are chances of hypothyroidism during pregnancy because they produce antibodies to their own thyroid gland. If left untreated can lead to miscarriage, preeclampsia, and premature delivery. Or it can affect the developing fetus.

Iodine Deficiency: Iodine is very important for the production of thyroid hormones. Foods like seafood, iodized salt, seaweed and the plant grew in iodine are beneficial for producing hormones. But taking too much iodine can cause hypothyroidism.

home remedies for hypothyroidism

Home Remedies For Hypothyroidism Treatment:

You can treat hypothyroid easily at home. Here are some of the best home remedies for hypothyroidism treatment. These remedies are natural and easily available as well. They are easy to consume and you can cure hypothyroidism easily at home. Home remedies for hypothyroidism treatment are:

1.) Coconut Oil to Treat Hypothyroidism

Coconut oil consists of fatty acids that are very beneficial for thyroid functioning. It helps stimulate metabolism and raise the basal temperature, which is necessary for suffering low thyroid function. This is why this is one of the most effective remedies for hypothyroidism treatment. You can use coconut oil for cooking food. Try to use extra-virgin coconut oil for cooking. Also, you can consume this coconut oil by mixing with your milk before going to bed and early in the morning.

2.) Fish Oil to Treat Hypothyroidism

Fish oil is also one of the best remedies for hypothyroidism treatment. Fish oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Which is very beneficial for producing thyroid gland. It also helps increase immunity and fight inflammation. You can take supplements, but after consulting your doctor or you can increase intake of fish up to 3 grams a day.

3.) Guggul to Treat Hypothyroidism

Guggul consists of anti- inflammatory, cholesterol lowering and anti-obesity properties. It helps stimulate  thyroid functioning. You can take guggul herb, but only after consulting your doctor.  Usually, it is taken 25 mg thrice a day.

4.) Chamomile Tea to Treat Hypothyroidism

It is also counted among the best home remedies for hypothyroidism. Chamomile tea helps fight against fatigue. It is an excellent remedy to get rid of hypothyroidism. Drink one cup of chamomile tea, it also gives relief from muscle ache and joint pain.

5.) Juice to Prevent Hypothyroidism

If you are looking for a home remedy, fruit juice, and vegetable juice are the best remedy to get rid of hypothyroidism. Juice of lemon, beetroot, celery, zucchini, limes, cucumber, watermelons and grapefruit. It helps detoxify the body and helps the production of healthy thyroid hormones.

6.) Oats to Cure Hypothyroidism

This is one among he tastiest remedies for hypothyroidism treatment. Oats are rich in fiber, vitamins, selenium. Which are beneficial for hypothyroid patients. Include oats in your daily diet. It helps treat indigestion issues and constipation issues. You can prepare oats by mixing vegetable for added benefits or you can also buy ready made oats but homemade are recommended.

7.) Yoga to Reduce Hypothyroidism

Yoga is beneficial for curing any disease. Yoga helps keeps you fit and healthy not only physically but mentally also. Yoga is recommended to help treat hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism as well. It keeps smooth regulation of the thyroid gland and your immune system. Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) is the yoga position helps get rid of hypothyroidism.

8.) Vitamin D to Treat Hypothyroidism

Lack of vitamin D is one of the major problems of hypothyroidism. To fulfill this deficiency, exposure to the sunshine is beneficial, but only early sunshine i.e. 7 am to 9 am. It is good to intake early sunshine for about 15-20 mins to generate vitamin D required by the body. It helps calcium metabolism and a healthy immune system.

9.) Sea Food/ Seaweed to Treat Hypothyroidism

Sea food are among the most delicious remedies for hypothyroidism treatment. Iodine is recommended for hypothyroid patients. So seafood/seaweed has a lot of iodine agent in it. It is also a natural source of iodine and help stimulate the thyroid gland. Recommended fishes are trout, clams, and salmon to get rid of hypothyroidism fast.

10.) Garlic to Cure Hypothyroidism

Garlic is rich in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Garlic helps decrease swelling of the neck due to enlargement of the thyroid gland. Taking raw garlic for at least 3-4 times a week will help reduce hypothyroidism. You can eat raw garlic, but in case it’s not possible for you then try making a salsa, mixing chopped garlic, chopped onions, chopped tomatoes and finely chopped parsley. Sprinkle some salt and pepper to add an extra flavor. Use it as a salad.

11.) Consume Flax Seed Oil to Treat Hypothyroidism

Flax seeds are a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids that are essential for internal functions of the body, including thyroid function. That is why the flax seeds help in treating hypothyroidism. So, experts suggest 1 tsp of flaxseed oil daily for improving the function of the thyroid glands and for keeping your body healthy. This oil plays an essential role in preventing cholesterol, alleviating constipation and in controlling heart problems.

12.) Lemon Balm to Cure Hypothyroidism

Lemon balm is another beneficial home remedy to get rid of hypothyroidism fast. If hypothyroidism is the reason due to the attack of the immune system on your thyroid gland, lemon balm can be a helpful home remedy. So, you can use it by preparing a tea or as an extract. Lemon is known for its several health benefits. So try a concoction of one tsp of balm in a cup of warm water daily to treat this condition. However, it is recommended that drinking this mix only if you are experiencing thyroid hormone replacement to avoid aggravation the symptoms.

Some Additional Tips:

  • Eat a balanced diet.
  • Physical activity is important.
  • Drink clean water.
  • Include fruits in your diet.
  • Intake of iodine and selenium rich food.
  • Have plenty of water a day.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Avoid alcohol.
  • Avoid excess caffeine.
  • Avoid saturated fat and junk food.
  • Avoid overeating.

Well, all the above natural and home remedies are effective, easy and simple methods to treat hypothyroidism. But keep in mind to take a good care of your lifestyle and diet. If in case you still experience this problem, immediately consult your doctor.

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