Argan Oil for Hair

This article is about the uses of Argan oil for hair. Argan oil, which is also known as ‘liquid gold’ is an organic product taken out from the essential part of the Argan tree. This tree is native to Morocco. Argan oil is loaded with plenty of beneficial nutrients, including fatty acids and Vitamin E. The properties of this oil are what make it beneficial for the hair and skin as well. It is a popular cosmetic choice for many renowned personalities. Though, it’s not just for the rich and famous people – anyone can enjoy the benefits of Argan oil for their body.

Argan oil is generally used as a hair treatment. It is extremely healthy for hair and scalp. Vitamin E present in this oil is extremely useful for hair. It is found in high quantities in Argan oil. Vitamin E is known for promoting healthy hair growth due to its antioxidant properties, which help promote cells and boost them to develop healthy hair. It is also used for hair regrowth. Argan oil for hair has a variety of benefits.

Properties of Argan Oil for Hair:

  • It has excellent qualities of a moisturizer for the scalp.
  • It helps fight dandruff and dry hair and scalp.
  • It promotes the growth of healthy, strong hair.
  • Effective for treating thin, brittle hair.
  • Helps recover from the damage caused through chemical treatments and dyes.
  • Also effective in treating in split ends.
  • Promotes shine and gloss in the hair.
  • Softens hair.

The best part about Argan oil is that it can be used safely in its pure form and you don’t need to buy it as an ingredient in conditioners, lotions and moisturizers. Argan oil is safe, effective and non-irritating. Below are some of the best ways to use Argan oil for hair.

Argan Oil for Hair

Benefits and Uses of Argan Oil for Hair

1.) Argan Oil Works as a Natural Hair Conditioner

Argan oil is quite effective and useful in making your hair silkier and softer. Argan oil contains linoleic and oleic acids, which help regulate the health of hair cuticles and make your hair extra glossy and manageable. Plus, Argan oil protects the hair against the damage caused due to sun exposure and chlorine from swimming pools. It even helps repair split ends and tame frizzy hair.


  • Take a sufficient amount of Argan oil and heat it to make it warm.
  • Apply it and massage your scalp and hair with this warm oil for about 5-10 minutes.
  • Cover your head with a shower cap for about half an hour.
  • Afterwards, wash your hair with a mild shampoo.
  • Continue this hair care routine 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Remember not to use this oil daily on your hair as it can be difficult to wash it out.

2.) Argan Oil Promotes Hair Growth

Argan oil can also be effective in controlling hair loss and encouraging new hair growth. This liquid gold has Vitamin E and healthy fats, which are essential for giving nourishment to the hair follicles. This oil even helps in maintaining a clean scalp. It helps get rid of dandruff and energizes dull hair.


  • Before going to sleep, damp your hair and apply a few drops of comfortable hot Argan oil.
  • Massage the oil on your scalp using fingertips. Massage in circular motions for around 10 minutes.
  • Leave it overnight and next morning, shampoo your hair thoroughly.
  • Follow this treatment 2 to 3 times a week.

3.) Argan Oil as a Leave-On Conditioner

After taking a shower, while your hair is still damp, take a few drops of Argan oil and gently apply to your hair, ends and scalp to moisturize and hydrate them. It’s especially effective and nourishing if your hair is dry due to daily use of a blow dryer, curling iron or straight iron.

4.) Argan Oil for Hair – An Overnight Hair Treatment

It is one of the beneficial uses of Argan oil for hair as it does not consume much of your time. Argan oil can be used as an overnight hair treatment. Here is the procedure to do it:


  • Take a generous amount of Argan oil and massage into your hair, ends and scalp.
  • Cover your hair and leave it overnight.
  • Next morning, rinse your hair and you can notice luminous and soft locks.
  • Follow this process a few times in a week

5.) Argan Oil for Hair Styling Shine

If your hair is dry, Argan oil can be used as a as an excellent styling product. It is quite easy, safe and simple to use Argan oil. Here is the method to do it.


  • Take several drops of Argan oil to the palms of your hand.
  • Rub your hands together and massage your hair to get shine and tame frizz.
  • You only need a small amount of Argan oil.
  • Repeat It whenever needed. It lasts a long time.

6.) Argan Oil as a Hair Mask

Although, an overnight treatment is an excellent way to gain the benefits of Argan oil on hair. But, using a larger amount of Argan oil as a hair mask means that as more nutrients will be absorbed. This is one of the best treatment to use the night before a special occasion or when you want your hair to look extra smooth, sleek and voluminous. This treatment is easy and simple to do at home.


  • Take an adequate amount of the oil for this treatment.
  • Massage this oil into your hair, scalp and tips.
  • Then, wrap your hair up in a clean towel to prevent it from staining your bed.
  • Leave the treatment overnight or for several hours.
  • Finally, wash your hair with your daily shampoo.
  • You can notice changes in the appearance of your hair.
  • This treatment will make your hair look sensational.
  • It is an ideal substitute to prevent your hair from harmful conditioning hair masks available in the market.

7.) Healing Argan Oil for Split Ends

If your hair is lifeless and have split ends, then use Argan oil to massage your scalp. It is one of the best oil to treat your hair with.


  • Take a sufficient amount of Argan oil on your palm.
  • Apply and massage this oil on your hair, scalp and ends with your fingertips.
  • Leave it on overnight for the best results.
  • Hot oil treatment is a safe and effective solution for nourishing split ends and damaged hair.
  • Argan oil will make damaged hair soft, shiny, and hydrated.

8.) Argan Oil as a Follicle and Shaft Softener

This oil is also helpful for making your hair feel softer and smoother. Simply use a small amount of this oil to massage into your scalp and hair tip whenever needed. This oil is also an effective remedy for the overnight nourishment of follicle and shaft of your hair.

9.) Argan Oil a Remedy for Dry Scalp

As Argan oil is a fine hair moisturizer, you can use it as your hair remedy oil as well. Applying this on your scalp will help nourish your hair and reduce itchiness in scalp caused due to dryness in the scalp.


  • Simply, apply Argan oil directly onto your scalp.
  • Otherwise, You can use it as a warm oil for the positive results.
  • Heat about 4-10 drops of Argan oil and make it comfortably hot which is bearable on skin.
  • Rub this oil between your palms and apply onto your scalp and massage gently.
  • Apply some oil on your hair as well.
  • Now wear a shower cap and leave it on for a few hours before rinsing.

10.) Argan Oil As a Safeguard Heat Styling Product

Although you should avoid using the dryer or styling iron on your hair as it damages your hair, but if its unavoidable, use Argan oil as a safeguard heat styling product before using the blow dryer or a styling iron on your hair, use. The application of this rich oil will defend your hair from heat and damages caused due to heat styling. Plus, it provides your hair a natural nourishment with lush locks and healthy shine.

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