How to Go to Sleep?

Struggling hard to fall asleep? Are you unable to shut the door of useless thoughts? Well, there are various thoughts that keep on roaming in the head, which will never let you sleep in peace. Sometimes, your brain talks to itself so vigorously that it creates the biggest hurdle to fall asleep. Maybe, something is distracting you or maybe you have no control over your thoughts. There can be any type of reason for such situation. Now, the biggest challenge in such condition is how to go to sleep.

If you ask your parents and friends about this problem, they will simply say just switch off your lights, close your eyes and try to sleep. But, do you think is it so easy? Well, I don’t think so. Then, what you must do to avoid such situations? Well, don’t worry, there are various ways that will help you to get a sound sleep.

Insomnia Symptoms:

Here are some of the symptoms you will face due to insomnia. At times, it becomes really difficult to sleep properly due to which you may suffer from the condition of insomnia. At such point of time, you may suffer from the symptom like:

Insomnia Causes:

There are various causes of insomnia. This harmful sleep disorder may be caused due to various reasons. They are as follows:

  • Stressful situations at workplace.
  • Illness
  • Physical or emotional discomfort
  • Few medications used to treat colds, allergies, depression, asthma, and high blood pressure may cause a great interference with your sleep
  • Interferences or changes in the normal sleeping schedule
  • Environmental noises that causes hindrance in your sleep.

Causes of Chronic Sleeping Disorder:

Here are causes of a chronic sleeping disorder. They are as follows:

How to Go to Sleep

Ways that will Help You to Go to Sleep:

1.) Limit Your Naps Before Go To Sleep:

If you take naps in the daytime again and again. Then, it is a suggestion for you to reduce the dosage of your naps. It can create big hindrance at night to sleep. So, take fewer naps and avoid it if you are feeling drowsy during the day. Though, 20 minutes of the nap can make you active and alert while more naps can affect your night’s sleep.

2.) Consume Less Amount Caffeine:

There are few beverages that can interfere with your sleep. It includes the products rich in caffeine like coffee. It is recommended to drink it in less amount to experience a sound sleep at night. So, the next time you go to sleep, simply avoid consuming coffee because it can create a big mess in your sleep.

3.) Go Out in the Sunlight Once You Wake Up:

Whenever you wake up don’t remain in your bed. Go out after waking up and feel the fresh air of morning. It is considered that bright sunlight in the morning tells the natural biological clock to your body. So, step out and experience the soothing sound of chirping of birds with morning fresh air in the company of nature and sunlight. It is one of the best ways used to enhance your sleep, especially when you will go to sleep, you can easily figure out your natural biological cycle.

4.) Bedroom Atmosphere:

Remove all the electronic devices from your bedroom that diverts your mind. Use aromatherapy, it helps you in falling asleep. There are various scents available in the market that will help you to relax like vanilla, lavender, and sandalwood. It even prepares you to fall asleep. So, whenever you go to sleep, just keep a calm atmosphere of your bedroom with dim lights and soothing aroma. Also, avoid listening music at the time of sleep.

5.) Stop Using Electronic Devices at Night:

In the era of the digital world, it is not easy to live without electronic devices especially mobile phones. It is the biggest addiction for almost everyone. There was a tweet from Megan Fox that describes this addiction very well than anything. It goes “We live in the world where losing your phone is more dramatic than losing your virginity.” Well, it is quite difficult to quit texting. But, these electronic devices can divert our mind to anything. So, to sleep peacefully, it is important to stop using electronic devices like Tv and mobile before going to sleep.

6.) Sleeping Position:

Try to maintain a proper sleeping position while sleeping. Squeeze your muscles tightly of your body. After squeezing, release your bicep and enjoy this relaxing position. Now, think you are asleep for a few minutes and keep your eyes close. You will definitely fall asleep after trying this position.

7.) Maintain a Regular Bed Time Routine:

Try to keep eyes on your sleeping track. Also, follow a basic bedtime routine on a regular basis. Remember the time when you most probably go to sleep. Don’t change your schedule even on weekends. Keep a record of the things that makes you fell asleep and note the time of sleeping. Even, try to wake up at the same time. So, maintain a regular bedtime schedule and follow it sincerely to fall asleep easily.

8.) Choose Comfort:

Use comfortable mattresses and pillows for your bed. The biggest factor that can cause the trigger in your sleep is discomfort. Hence, maintain the comfort zone of your bedroom and your bed. So, the next time you will go to sleep, you can only feel comfort and satisfaction.

9.) Start Exercising Early in the Morning:

It is found through the studies that moderate aerobic activities can fight the problem of insomnia. Even, it is the best way to start your day by increasing the metabolism of your body through vigorous exercises. It causes alertness in the mind and keeps you fit. If you are unable to sleep at night, then do vigorous exercise before dinner. Physical exhaustion is the best way to fall asleep. Even you may also try running, it elevates your heart while providing you a good night sleep. So, try this method when you go to sleep.

10.) Avoid Taking Hot Bath at Night:

Though detox bath is always taken in warm water and it provides you relief. But, it’s even higher your body temperature which causes hindrance in your sleep. It is important to have a lower body temperature to fall asleep. Hence, to avoid such situation just try to finish your bath before 2 hours from the bedtime. So that when you go to sleep, you can fall asleep easily.

11.) Reduce Stress:

The ultimate reason for insomnia is stress. The more you will think and take the stress, the lesser you can sleep. Your mind will never let you fall asleep till you will not reduce stress levels. Hence, to experience a sound sleep, try to reduce your stress. Start doing yoga and meditation. It is one of the best ways to reduce stress and feel relax. So, the next time you go to sleep just forget all your worries and try to chill. Just close your eyes and sleep well.

12.) Start Imagining:

The visualization meditation works better than anything. You use at least three senses in this process. It is one of the best technique to feel relax and fall asleep. Just imagine you are in the most beautiful place of your imagination. Now, hear the sound of a tropical breeze in the garden of flowers having the sweet smell. Soon, you will experience that you are falling asleep and all your worries will automatically vanish. It is one of the most effective ways to divert your mind from all the tensions and fall asleep.

At last, the most important aspect that affects your health is a night’s sleep. If you will not take a proper sleep, then it will affect your whole day routine. So, before you go to sleep on your bed leave all your worries and tensions and just try to sleep.

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