Home Remedies to Get Shiny Nails Naturally

It is believed that “Nails are the window of our overall well-being”. This is because nails reflect our internal and physical health. Dull nails mean malnutrition, infection, deficiency of nutrients and etc. Whereas, shiny nails means healthy you! Do you know our nails are made up of the protein called keratin? It is the same protein which makes hair and skin as well. The deficiency of keratin leads to dull nails. The best remedy to cure pale nails is to eat nutrient-rich diet. However, there are other household remedies to get beautiful nails. Read more, to know about home remedies to get shiny nails naturally.


Household Remedies to Get Shiny Nails Naturally:

1.) Lemon to Get Shiny Nails

Lemon is known as natural bleach. It removes stains from nails and regular application of lemon will give you shiny and beautiful hair.

Lemon Manicure at Home:

  • In a bowl, mix warm water and lemon juice, soak your nails in it for 10-15 minutes.
  • After a while mix vinegar in it.
  • Dip a small hand brush in the water and then gently brush the tip of the nails.
  • Then rinse off your nails with the warm water.Don’t forget to moisturize your hands later.
  • Alternatively, cut a lemon and rub it over the nails. Doing so regularly, will make your nails healthy and shiny

2.) Baby Oil to Get Shiny Nails

As we have already told you that our nails are made up of the proteins known as keratin. Regular contact of nails with water leads to crack and pale nails. This is because water rips off the natural oil of the nails of hands and nails thus it becomes dry. To keep the dryness at the bay, apply baby oil, since it is an excellent moisturizer.

How to Use Baby Oil?

  • Regularly apply baby oil in your fingers covering the nails.
  • Gently massage the area around the nails, since it is more vulnerable to dryness.
  • Do this before hitting the sack and working in water.

3.) Olive Oil to Get Shiny Nails

An acid known as linoleic is present in the olive oil, which makes it an ideal moisturizer. It prevents the dryness and moisturize your nails. Moisturized nails eventually lead to beautiful and shiny nails. Fingers are more prone to dryness because they are only a few oil glands in the fingers and nails, so applying a sufficient amount of olive oil will solve the problem.

How to Apply Olive Oil?

  • In a bowl of warm water, add a  few drops of olive oil.
  • Soak your hands in the water for a 5-7 minutes, then massage, olive oil over fingers and nails.
  • For effective results you can add lemon juice in it.
  • Also, apply olive oil on nails before applying nail polish.

4.) Vitamin E to Get Shiny Nails

Vitamin E promotes healthy nails. It stimulates the blood circulation, because of which sufficient oxygen reaches to nail beds which reduces the paleness of the nails.

How to Use Vitamin E?

  • Regularly apply vitamin E oil in your nails 2-3 times a day, especially before going to bed.
  • Eat food rich with vitamin E.
  • You can also consume vitamin E supplements to get shiny nails.

5.) Coconut Oil to Get Shiny Nails

Coconut oil is a rich source of fats, acids and vitamin E which promotes healthy nails. It moisturizes the nails and strengthen the cuticles of the nails. The oil comes handy for treating nail fungus as well.

How to Apply Coconut Oil?

  • Apply few drops of coconut oil on the nails and gently rub it over nails and fingers.
  • Do this 3-4 times a day.
  • While massaging make sure you do not hurt the nail cuticles.

6.) ACV to Get Shiny Nails

Sometimes our body is unable to absorb the nutrients from the food that we eat. Thus apple cider vinegar comes handy. It is a rich source of hydrochloric acid therefore, it breaks down the food and make sure that your body absorbs  enough nutrients, especially proteins that make nails, skin, and nails.

How to Use ACV?

  • In a glass mix 2 tablespoons of ACV and drink.
  • Also, you can add ACV in warm water for the manicure at home.

7.) Consume Yogurt to Get Shiny Nails

Yogurt is packed with the important nutrients such as  zinc, calcium, vitamins, folate, and protein which generate shiny and beautiful nails. Moreover, it contains probiotics. The bacteria present in the probiotics helps in the digestion, and absorbs the minerals in the body. Thus, it also works as hydrochloric acid. Simply eat 1-2 cup of yogurt regularly to get  shiny nails at home.

8.) Petroleum Jelly to Get Shiny Nails

Another remedy which comes handy to moisturize the nails is petroleum jelly. Apply petroleum jelly after taking a bath and before going to the bed. Regular application of petroleum jelly will keep the dryness at the bay. If you don’t get petroleum jelly, then you can apply vaseline as it contains petroleum jelly. It will also make your nails stronger.

9.) Fish Oil to Get Shiny Nails

Fish oil contains essential nutrients which help you to get rid of the pale and dull nails. It also contains omega-3 fatty acid, which reduces the inflammation around the nails that is common due to dryness. Also, vitamin A present in the oil nourishes the cuticles of nails and give you beautiful and shiny nails. Another benefit of the oil is that it makes the nails stronger.  It also helps to grow nails faster.

How to Use Fish Oil?

  • Consume 1 tablespoon of fish oil regularly.
  • Supplements of fish oil are also available in the market.

10.) Buttermilk to Get Shiny Nails

A spoon of butter might add fat in your body, however, the same spoon of buttermilk will give shiny and beautiful  nails. Buttermilk contains Vitamin A, B, C. All these vitamins help you to get rid of pale and dull nails

How to Apply Buttermilk?

  • Rub some buttermilk over your fingers covering the tip of the nails.
  • Repeat this for a while, then rinse your fingers.
  • Do this 2-3 times a day, especially after the bath and before hitting the sack.

11.) Black Current Seed Oil to Get Shinny Nails

Black current seed oil is an excellent source of gamma-linolenic acid.. It is one of the ideal home remedy for  dry and brittle nails. It adds shine to the nails and good for overall health of nails. All you have to do is is consume 500 mg of this oil 2 times a day for 2 months at least.

12.) Avocados  to Get Shiny Nails

Avocados are goos source of proteins, good fat, and all the nutrients that maintain the health of the nails. Include avocado in your diet. You can also apply avocado oil on your nails before going to bed.

Other Useful Tips to Get Shiny Nails:

  • Don’t apply low -quality nail paint.
  • Keep your nails moisturized.
  • A regular manicure at home will solve your problem.
  • Include biotin, vitamins and proteins in your diet.
  • Don’t bite your nails.
  • Don’t overuse hand sanitizers as it invites dryness.
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