Home Remedies for Psoriasis Treatment

This article will make you aware of several home remedies for Psoriasis. It will inform you about various aspects regarding this type of skin disorder. Psoriasis is a deadly skin disorder that causes patches on your skin. These patches are reddish in color and causes an itching sensation in the body. They are scaly and their sizes vary according to the severity of this problem. They can be smaller in size, localized or may even cover the whole body surface. According to the doctors, this skin disorder is basically caused due to the trigger in the immune system. It is usually a genetic problem. This problem is basically seen among the age group of 11 to 45 years. Once this disease hit you then it may remain for the lifetime. It has affected almost 3 percent of the population globally. It is simply a chronic auto-immune disease that affects the skin adversely. However, it can be controlled by several home remedies for psoriasis.

Psoriasis is being just like an unwanted thief which enter your body and takes the beauty of your skin away from you. It is simply a hazardous skin disorder and can cause an undesirable effect on your skin. In general, the skin cells go through a month-long life cycle. The new cells get formed within 28-30 days, but if you are suffering from psoriasis then this entire skin process takes only 3-4 days to complete. And due to all these situations, the dead skin gets buildup on the surface of your skin.

Signs and Symptoms Of Psoriasis:

Whatever experience you discover depends on the type of psoriasis you have. These signs and symptoms help in signifying this problem on the early stage.

1.) You will experience the raised, reddish patches on your skin known as plaque.

2.) You will see the rough surface on these patches which are silvery-white in color. This is called scale by the dermatologists.

3.) These patches can appear anywhere on the body.

4.) Mostly they appear on the knees, lower back, elbows, and scalp.

5.) They give the sensation of itching. And if you scratch it, then it may make your patches thicker.

6.) It causes dry skin with scaling spots that may bleed.

7.) Swollen and rigid joints are signs of this kind of disorder.

Reasons for Psoriasis Trigger:

There are several factors that may trigger psoriasis:

1.) Skin infections

2.) Stress and trauma

3.) Cool weather

4.) Certain medications that are recommended like lithium prescribed for bipolar disorder patients. Beta blockers, iodides, and antimalarial drugs can also cause the trigger to psoriasis.

Psoriasis is not a contagious kind of disease, though it appears in that way but it is not. Don’t think it is a normal skin disorder because it is hard to get rid of it. Even it may cause danger to your life as well, if not treated effectively. But don’t worry, there are several home remedies for psoriasis that may reduce the impact of this disorder.

Home Remedies for Psoriasis

Various Home Remedies for Psoriasis:

If you are stuck with this problem, then there is not any easy way to get rid of psoriasis. But by using these home remedies for psoriasis, you may recover rapidly.

1.) Keep your Skin Clean:

To get rid of infections, it is important to keep your skin clean. Psoriasis causes dry and patchy skin so it is necessary to take a soak for rehydrating your skin. Go for swimming, showering and bath in the tub for a long hour to rehydrate your dry skin. Keep your skin moisturized and be wise while using different skin products for your body. Even choose your soaps carefully, it is better to go for mild soaps for your skin.

2.) Turmeric:

It is the part of the ginger family which carries a lot of powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is one of the best home remedies for psoriasis that act as a natural reliever in this type of problem. Turmeric is said to be a traditional healer for several types of infections and diseases. The curcumin substance found in the turmeric is the best healer for various skin related problems like psoriasis.

3.) Start Drinking Warm Water:

Psoriasis is a metabolic type of disease and keeping oneself hydrated is recommended in this type of skin disorder. So, it is important to keep oneself hydrated. Instead of drinking cool or lukewarm water, it is suggested that warm water can speed up the healing process. It can also speed up the process of detoxification in your body and provide several health benefits. Remember that our body consist 90 percent of water and it is important to constantly refill it, so you remain healthy.

4.) Drink Lemon Water:

People believe that drinking lemon water in the morning is the best remedy for weight management. But far away from this kind of perception there are several benefits that we can experience by drinking lemon water. Lemon water makes your body alkaline and it is said that the germs and bacterias rapidly grow in an acidic body. So, it is important to keep your body pH scale alkaline to get rid of infections. It helps in digestion and plays a major role in liver detoxification. Lemon is an antioxidant and it contains alkaline properties. Therefore, it is one of the best home remedies for psoriasis.

5.) Use Dead Sea Salt:

From the centuries, people cover long distances to reach Israel for their skin related problems. Taking a bath in dead sea is considered to be the best remedy for different skin related problems. Though you may not find dead sea in the U.S. but you can easily find dead sea salt in the market. It provides various healing effects in psoriasis. Just add a quarter cup of dead sea salt in the bath water, and soak it for 15 minutes in the tub. It provides relief in itching and the burning sensation.

6.) Tea Tree Oil:

This oil comes from the tea tree plant that is usually found in Australia. Not only it is most effective home remedies for psoriasis, but it is also effective for various skin related problems. It is useful in removing the dead skin and dead cells from the body. It also has anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti- microbial properties that provide relief in itching and redness of the skin. It is one of the best home remedies for Psoriasis.

7.) Aloe Vera Juice:

Pure Aloe Vera Juice is one of the best medicine for psoriasis. It is one of the most effective home remedies for psoriasis that includes a long list of various healing properties. It activates an internal cleaning process and provides nutrition to the cells for rejuvenation. It even makes your immune system stronger and lowers the inflammation in your body.

8.) Olive Oil:

It is one of the most used home remedies for psoriasis. It helps in providing the softening effect to the dead skin cells and keep it moisturized all the time. It contains high fatty acid and vitamin E ingredient that can treat psoriasis effectively. You may even add it to your bath water. Just add 2 teaspoons of warm olive oil and experience relief in plaques.

9.) Coconut Oil:

It is one of the most efficient home remedies for psoriasis. Coconut oil is well known in the beauty industry for the several moisturizing properties it carries in itself. It is a very helpful asset for treating dead and patchy skin in psoriasis. It moisturizes the dry skin effectively and also provide the scalp treatment to reduce the psoriasis scale.

10.) Mineral Oil:

It is one of the best home remedies for psoriasis that contribute a lot in healing this hazardous skin disorder. It is used for scalp treatment and moisturizing the dry and dead skin cells. It even prevents the evaporation of water from the skin. Hence, it plays a major role in keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized for a longer period of time.

Facts About Psoriasis:

Here are few important facts about psoriasis. Read it to know more about Psoriasis.

  • Psoriasis is an inflammatory condition that is basically immune-medicated.
  • Nearly 3 percent of the world’s population suffers from Psoriasis.
  • Though, people think that psoriasis is contagious, but it is not. It cannot be spread by the contact with the infected person.
  • It may affect any gender and the people of all ages, and ethnicities.
  • The symptoms of psoriasis are of wider range and they depend on the severity of the problem.
  • Psoriasis is very painful. If inflamed lesions may crack then they may bleed. The most common problem you will feel due to psoriasis is constant itching sensation.
  • There is also a form of arthritis known as psoriasis arthritis that affects 30-50 percent of the people having psoriasis.
  • Urine was the first kind of treatment for psoriasis. It is an ancient treatment for psoriasis.

There is no such type of miracle treatment for the skin disorder like psoriasis. But once you are stuck with such problem, try to treat it effectively. Ignorance is the worst part which people generally do in life. But small measures taken to prevent such problem is always considered to be useful for our health. These home remedies for psoriasis can recover your health to a larger extent. So, apply them to get rid of psoriasis.

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