Home Remedies for Frizzy Hair Treatment

In this article, we will talk about home remedies for frizzy hair. Accept it. Who doesn’t like the bouncy shiny hair that shimmers? The confidence that comes along with it is something everyone aspires for. People get jealous just looking at it but sadly that’s not the case always. Many of us suffer from the most common hair problems, known better as frizzy hair.

For people with frizzy hair everyday is a bad hair day. People with curly hair will understand what I mean. For frizz means the roughness of hair due to dehydration of hair cuticle layers. The strands get raised and hair damage occurs. The problem is most frequent among girls with curly hair.

Symptoms of Frizzy Hair:

1.) Chemicals:

In today’s age our hair gets constantly bombarded with all kinds of chemicals. Shampoos, bleaches, dyes and many other products that we use daily to enhance our hair actually end up destroying your hair follicles. Moreover, it even reduces the natural oil of our hair leading to dryness.

2.) Genetics:

If frizzy hair is something that is hereditary then it makes sense that you are suffering from it. Normally it passes from one off spring to another. Check your family history to see if this is something your grandparents or parents were suffering from.

3.) Heat:

I understand there are many of you who want straight hair but using straighteners only damages hair. Not only straighteners but also blow dyers which impart heat can wreck havoc. That’s because over use of these device can lead to the hair losing its healthy properties, leading to damages.

4.) Constant Washing:

If you are of the habit of constantly washing your hair then I’ve got bad news for you my friend. Constantly washing of hair has been researched to one of the major causes of hair fall. The same can lead to frizzy hair in many. Make sure to keep gaps between your hair washing days.

Home remedies for frizzy hair

Home Remedies for Frizzy Hair Treatment

1.) Banana as a Home Remedy for Frizzy Hair

Banana is not only loved by monkeys and minions but also by your hair. The fruit is also considered  to be a herb considering its innumerable healthy properties. To cure your frizzy hair problem, mash up a few of them and mix them with almond oil. Apply the paste all over the damaged hair and leave it there for 15-20 minutes. After the paste settles down, wash the paste and notice the change.

2.) Mayonnaise as a Home Remedy for Frizzy Hair

Who said mayo can only be used in mouth-watering sandwiches and burgers. Mayo has all the essential nutrients for proper rejuvenation of hair. For this process follow the steps below:

  • Mix mayonnaise with almond oil and at least 2 eggs.
  • Mix the mixture nicely until everything gels up.
  • Apply the mixture over your hair and leave it covered.
  • Wash it after 25 minutes to see a new energy in your hair.

3.) Avocado as a Home Remedy for Frizzy Hair

The best among the lot it comes with nature’s goodness. Avocado filled with proteins and vitamins can renew your old, damaged hair. The steps involve making a paste of a fresh avocado with an essential oil like olive oil. Prepare the blend well and finally clean your hair and apply it. Let it there for a minimum of 20-25 minutes. After this wash your nice and dry to get the smooth new look.

4.) Eggs as a Home Remedy for Frizzy Hair

No hair remedy can be complete without this one. Eggs have proteins in abundance and that is exactly what your hair requires for the treatment. Eggs can be whipped along with olive oil and then can be applied as a hair pack. Many famous hair renewal treatment packs contain the same ingredient but charge a hefty amount for the same. This is what we call the perfect low cost home remedy.

5.) Yoghurt as a Home Remedy for Frizzy Hair

The pro-biotic dairy product can be beneficial for your hair combined with honey. Honey enhances its capabilities with its nutrient rich properties. The pack can then be prepared and then be applied all over the damaged hair. Leave the pack there for a minimum of 30-45 minutes to have a lasting effect for your hair. Say goodbye frizzy hair.

6.) Beer as a Home Remedy for Frizzy Hair

The most popular alcohol beverage has recently also been found to help your hair. It’s no coincidence that you see so many beer shampoos appearing in the market. Here, all of you have to do is wash your hair with pure beer. The beer will help enhance the radiance and will get rid of the dryness. Wash it every alternative day to see results in a short time.

7.) Lemon as a Home Remedy for Frizzy Hair

The citrus rich product can be a great remedy to treat frizzy Hair. It helps provide the lost moisture to the hair which leads to frizzy hair at the first place. Take two freshly cut lemons and squeeze out the juice from them. Apply the juice all over your hair and wash the same after some time. The change will be visible.

8.) Vinegar as a Home Remedy for Frizzy Hair

This may sound bizarre initially but is a proven remedy for frizzy hair. Vinegar unlike the other treatment can be applied directly. Just after washing your hair, with the help of a cotton ball apply vinegar on the scalp. The healthy properties of vinegar will work immediately.

9.) Aloe Vera as a Home Remedy for Frizzy Hair

Don’t even get me started about all the healthy properties that it possesses. Applying an aloe vera pack on the hair can do wonders for your hair. Apply it directly after a wash or apply the gel formula. Mixing it with any essential oil and then massaging the scalp can also do the trick for you. Look for your hair’s sensitivity to it before you try out this treatment.

10.) Carbonated Water Rinse as a Home Remedy for Frizzy Hair

The roughness in this water is what will get rid of the roughness in your hair. Due to the low pH of coarse water it is recommended for frizzy hair. After every wash just make sure to rinse the hair with carbonated water and see the results immediately.

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