Home Remedies to Treat Measles

This article will provide you the home remedies to treat measles naturally. Measles is a highly infectious viral disease caused by the paramyxovirus. This infectious virus is most common among small children. The number of children constricting measles has turned down dramatically due to the extensive immunization nowadays. When cases of measles do happen, it is mainly in children, who have not been immunized or have very weak immune systems.

It spreads through physical contact, sneezing, coughing and contact with the nasal and throat discharge of an infected person. The symptoms of measles start showing in 10 to 14 days after the virus pass on a disease to a person. Common symptoms contain a dry cough, body aches, high fever, watery eyes, loss of appetite, a rash, and runny nose. There is no detailed medicine that kills the measles virus. To reduce complications and lessen symptoms, you can try some simple home remedies to treat measles. You can also read these related articles Home Remedies for Chicken Pox Treatment and Home Remedies to Boost Immune System on our website.

Causes of Measles:

Measles is contagious and caused by a virus. It is transmitted through droplets of moisture released through sneezing and coughs by the patient. The virus catches people with a weak immunity system which can be the reason of vitamin A deficiency, malnutrition, unhygienic living conditions or bad food habits.

Symptoms of Measles:

The very first symptom of measles may be seen in 7-14 days after virus attacks you. You will see small rashes on the body like small round spots on the skin. The spots may be of pink color at first and then they grow too dark red in color as the time passes. These rashes firstly can be seen on the sides of the face and the neck, slowly spreading all over the body.

Other associated symptoms of measles include high fever, which may go  up to 104 degrees in acute cases, sore throat, running nose, continuous dry cough, watering and redness of the eyes, loss of appetite. Sometimes this may also lead to vomiting or diarrhea in severe cases.

Best Home Remedies to Treat Measles:

1.) Neem Leaves to Treat Measles

Neem is famous as Indian lilac, it has anti-allergenic and antibacterial properties, and hence it can be very useful in relieving itching that often takes place with the rash. Crush a handful of fresh neem leaves into a paste. Apply this paste on the affected skin area. Let it dry out on its own and then wash it off with warm water. Do this 1-2 times daily for two weeks. It is one of the top remedies to treat measles.

2.) Bitter Gourd to Treat Measles

Bitter gourd or bitter melon consists of strong antioxidant properties that help fight various symptoms of measles. Moreover, it has vitamin C, iron, zinc, potassium and dietary fiber, which are necessary to boost immunity and speed up the curing process. It is one of the best remedies to treat measles. Take out the juice from one fresh bitter gourd. Mix one tablespoon of bitter gourd juice and honey with a one-half teaspoon of turmeric powder. Take this mixture 1-2 times a day for two to three weeks.

home remedies to treat measles

3.) Turmeric to Treat Measles

Turmeric is another beneficial ingredient for the treatment of measles. It has antioxidant as well as antiseptic properties, and hence it is very efficient in reducing the symptoms of measles. Add one tablespoon each of turmeric powder, honey to a glass of warm milk. Drink it 2-3 daily for a month to get better results.

4.) Coconut Water to Treat Measles

Coconut water has numerous nutrients that help wash the body of toxic elements. It is also rich in antioxidants that help encourage a speedy recovery from measles. When suffering from measles, drink an abundance of coconut water daily until you recover totally. This will keep the body hydrated and also protect you from developing tiredness, due to loss of energy. It is one of the exclusive remedies to treat measles.

5.) Almonds to Treat Measles

Steep a few almonds overnight and peel them in the morning. Take out the juice of few almonds and combine it with barley water. This will help heal a cough and at the same time, almonds will help keep the eyesight strong. It is recommended to have almonds, soaked overnight for maintenance of the healthy eyesight as the enzymes are all fully triggered once they have been soaked.

6.) Consume Fish to Treat Measles

Fish is loaded with lots of protein and fish oil is known to work marvelously for the skin. Given the effect of measles on the skin, having fish is going to help calm and take care of the skin. Try shellfish and halibut or any other fish famous for its oily nature. It is one of the top remedies to treat measles.

7.) Gooseberry to Treat Measles

The good old gooseberry takes care of the skin and fever in a measles eruption. One can have Gooseberry in its unprocessed form by grating it and mixing little rock salt to it to smooth down the strong flavor. One can add a little quantity of gooseberry powder in the daily bathing water to get a release from itching.

8.) Eggplant to Treat Measles

Eggplant is not a desired by many, but it is one of the most efficient home remedies against measles. The seeds of the eggplant help build and boost immunity against measles. You can eat or take 1 gram of eggplant seeds frequently to fight measles and help treat it. Apart from being a brilliant remedy, eggplant seeds may also slow down the growth of the paramyxovirus.

9.) Oranges to Treat Measles

Loss of craving and thirst are two of the most general symptoms of measles. To beat these symptoms, drink fresh orange juice at regular intervals during the day. The citrus flavor helps repair taste and recovers the appetite. Orange juice also helps keep the water level in the body and lessen the risk of dehydration. Plus, its high vitamin C content increase immunity. Along with these remedies, a person suffering from measles will want a lot of rest to get well. Allow for plenty of sleep and limit all physical activities. The infected person will be able to start again daily activities in 10 to 15 days.

10.) Rest to Treat Measles

Almost everyone who suffers from measles will need plenty of rest to recover. Measles is a serious viral disease that takes much of your body’s energy and resources to combat. On top of this, the signs of measles can leave you feeling exhausted and fatigued than you usually would. Make sure you take plenty of sleep and avoid all physical activities while you are unwell.


  • A measles patient must be kept separately as this disease is contagious and the patient should be given a full rest for faster recovery.
  • The patient should be given lots of warm water to drink, which helps flush out all the toxins out of the body, especially on an empty stomach in the morning and evening.
  • At first, the patient should be given fresh fruit juices like lemon and orange, as the person might feel a loss of appetite.
  • Slowly, the patient can start eating well balanced diet and fruits, which includes green vegetables and fruits, to improve the immune system.
  • Measles patient should be kept in a well-ventilated room.
  • Avoid sunlight as it can damage eye tissues.
  • Avoid milk, milk products, as they may aggravate the condition. If the child is greatly dependent on milk, limit the consumption.
  • Make sure that the room and the surrounds are tidy and clean.
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